No Honour

The title doesn’t refer to IS, DIAH, or any other terrorist group.

It refers to our governments, who are not the most trustworthy organisations is the world – although, I find it difficult to think of any organisation that is trustworthy.

A democratic government exists to fulfil the desires of the people. Okay, some of those desires are unrealistic, intolerant or just plain crazy. However, in general, a government should follow the wishes of the people it governs.

A question – ‘How many ‘democratic’ governments do this?’

And how many steal from the population they represent?

How many politicians lean one way, or the other, because they get ‘presents’ from interested parties?

How many politicians are actually ‘respected’ by the people they represent? (Notice ‘represent’ not ‘govern’ – there is a vast difference in meaning although politicians, in general, can’t distinguish it.)

In England, you get a state pension even if you have worked for a short time. It might be minuscule, but you get it, as the money you have invested is yours. In Spain, you have to work for a minimum of  15 years (paying Social Security – which is expensive) before you are eligible for a pension. You have paid your money into the system, but get nothing back until you have paid for the minimum time. You might be eighty years old, but you get nothing unless you have paid for 15 years. Therefore, the state is stealing money from the people who have paid into the system, but who do not comply with the 15 years minimum.

In Spain, in Europe,  in the so-called democratic countries of the west,  politicians are not the most honourable beings.

This has to change if the people of the western world want to continue to live in ‘relative’ freedom.

(I’ll talk about FREEDOM another time)



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