Am I Going Crazy, or Is It The Rest of The World?

Let’s just take a few examples from BBC News today the 6th April 2016 and my comments on them.

WHO says that now 1 in 11 people have diabetes – mainly due to poor lifestyles (Too much sugar, overeating, lack of exercise, etc.).

If it is self-inflicted – why should society pay for treatment or cure? 

The Governor of Mississippi has signed a law that allows people to decline to serve homosexual couples based on religious beliefs.

Why not a law that allows a person to decline service because of a client’s looks, skin colour, political convictions – in fact, anything? Why the hell do governments, whether local, state or national, get involved in people’s private affairs? What business is it of theirs who loves and lives with whom, who they worship, who they marry or how many they marry? One big problem today is how governments want to control every little detail of the private life of their citizens. Maybe the Governor of Mississippi could sign a law making it legal for people to decline to serve politicians.

I’d drink to that.

David Cameron’s father had an offshore investment fund.

Good for him! Any legal way of avoiding paying taxes you don’t have to pay will get my vote. Maybe people are jealous because they didn’t think about it.

Actually, when you consider the ways in which Governments in Europe and America waste their taxpayer’s money, I’m surprised more people don’t move their savings offshore.  

A question: If the government was a business and issued a share offer on the stock market, would you invest in it?

I certainly wouldn’t.


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