Legacy – The New Novel of the Series – The Chronicles of the White Tower

By the 15th March 2016 I should, with any luck, publish ‘Legacy’, the fourth book of the series, the Chronicles of the White Tower.

This book is different from the others in the series as it takes place both in the modern world, and in medieval times. In fact ‘Legacy’, the following book ‘The Summoning’ and the next which has the working title ‘Time Meld’, make up a trilogy within the main series.

I am not the only writer to do this. Anne McCaffrey did this in her series about the planet Pern with the three books: ‘Dragonsong’, ‘Dragon Singer’ and ‘Dragon Drums’.

‘Legacy’ is a long book – some 138,000 words and has taken me some time to write – in total, nearly five years, although I was also doing other things during this time. I am about halfway through ‘The Summoning’ and it has reached 90,000 words already.

However, you cannot judge a book by its length – although some people seem to: ‘long’ is not synonymous to ‘good’. In some cases it could be a synonym of ‘boring’.

If you want a preview of the book, go to www.markpatrick.net/legacy where you can read the first three chapters.

Publishing a book is, I assume, giving birth to a child – a lot of pain and tears, but you love it when it’s all over.

I hope you like it.


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